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First Timers Guide for Taking Toddlers to the Snow

Taking toddlers and preschoolers to the local ski field can definitely be daunting, but it can also be so much fun!  You just have to be prepared and have realistic expectations.

You know those idyllic dreams you have about taking the kids to the beach and how much fun it will be. Then you realise when you get there, that sand gets into every crack, they spend the whole time complaining their hands are dirty and their food is now gritty.  But they also have a lot of fun jumping over waves and building sandcastles.  Well the snow is exactly the same.

We reveal our top tips on taking your kids to the snow for the first time, including what to pack and what to expect when you get there.

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8 Awesome Places to Bike in Canterbury with Kids
Are you in the Canterbury region and looking for something to do with the kids?
Our friend Jen from Backyard Travel Family has scoped out the best bike trails for kids in Canterbury and wrapped them up in this handy little article!
Check out 8 Awesome Places to Bike in Canterbury with Kids here
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Top Family Bike Spots to Explore in Taupō
Grab the bikes and head to Taupō for an amazing array of kid-friendly spots to whip the trainer wheels off and go adventuring. Stick around town on the Great Lake Walkway and cool off in the turquoise waters of Lake Taupō, or head to Huka Falls to see millions of litres of water erupt from a rock channel.
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