Our Story

Hi, I'm Stacey
I'm the owner here at Therm and a mum of two. I've been designing kidswear for retail since I was 18. I never really planned it, it just happened - funny how life works out like that! I started Therm in 2015 (in my pre-kids life) combining my adventurous outdoorsy nature with my love for childrenswear design.

We value high-quality, functional gear, in designs that kids genuinely want to wear. We also value sustainability and the planet that we are leaving behind for our kids - we love making products that encourage kids to get outside and enjoy nature, and we see the importance in taking steps to also protect the very environment that we love so much. 

It's certainly a juggle growing a business at the same time as running after two growing little humans. I love hearing from other mums (and dads!), so don't be shy! If you have any questions or feedback please do contact me - I am always just an email away. 
-Stacey Thompson, Founder & Designer

Our Philosophy

We believe the best play time is time spent outdoors, where kids are free to learn and explore, and where the very best memories are made. We make outdoor gear that kids want to wear. It’s fun, it’s comfortable, and most important of all, it works. Our mission is to keep your children warm and dry, whatever the weather may bring. Our passion is to inspire a lifetime of outdoor adventures.
The ethos of Therm is warmth. We design our products to protect against the elements, and provide a warm, dry environment to promote healthy outdoor play and nature education. We believe an early passion for nature and exposure to the outdoor world instills a certain skillset not available in any classroom. The outdoors is good for the soul, and essential for the growing body and mind. Therm is committed to providing quality clothing that supports your child through their journey of outdoor discovery and adventure.

A happy child is loved, challenged, fulfilled, nurtured, warm.


The company and products

New Zealand owned and designed, Therm is a company committed to creating highly functional outdoor gear specifically for kids. Our aim is to make products so versatile that they can be worn for a multitude of outdoor adventures - whether it is a jump in a muddy puddle, or a snowy day on the mountain.

We know the importance of gear that lives up to its reputation in the elements. Combining our passion for snowsports with 18 years experience in commercial childrenswear design, we have created a perfect marriage of both. We put our design emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality as one. We hold stringent quality standards and lab test all of our fabrics for waterproof ratings. 

Our products are developed specifically for kids, and have all of the features and functionalities that outdoor gear needs, with a unique child-like twist - such as patterns that appear in the rain, plus super-soft sensory friendly fabrics that even the fussiest child will love! We believe in keeping the magic of childhood alive and making unique outdoor gear that kids really want to wear.