Waterproof Pants

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We've got your basics covered with our line of waterproof pants, perfect for puddle jumping! Designed in New Zealand for kiwi boys and girls, our wet weather gear is waterproof and windproof, made with all outdoor adventures in mind!



Therm believe that no-matter the weather, no matter the age, we should get outside and play in the snow, or in the rain! Kiwis, suit your girls and boys up in our range of Splash Pants this season, this relaxed style is windproof & waterproof and comes in a variety of
colours that the kids will love. The fully elasticated cuffs allow for added weatherproofing and can easily tuck inside gumboots or be worn over the top! Your kids will be jumping up and down with excitement to chuck these cool fits on to get outside! What’s even cooler is that Therm’s Splash Pants and Snowrider Skii Overalls are Eco-Friendly and are made from 100% Recycled rPET fabric which are made from used plastic water bottles!

Explore Therm’s other collections like our 10K Packaway Rainshell Jacket?Which perfectly packs away for light weight travel. Or Therm’sepic one-of-a-kind SpashMagic Jackets which when wet, a secret pattern is revealed! The SplashMagic pattern also features on Therm’s Hydracloud Puffer Jacket style which provides ultra-soft cloud-like comfort, with soft-touch jersey mesh for an extra cosy feel inside! Rug your little one up in Therm this winter – they’ll be sure to have an adventure whenever they’re dressed with us.