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We don't really stick to the 'rules' around here and we are proud of it! I'm Stacey, the owner (aka Chief Everything Officer) here at Therm.

We're a NZ owned business, our primary warehouse is located in Christchurch. Me? I'm currently in Whistler, Canada! In true 2021 fashion I've built the business so I can run it from virtually anywhere, and I'm still here to answer all of your queries whether it be about our gear, your order, or anything else!

I also have 2 preschool aged kids and love that I am able to be anywhere with them at any time, while Therm still ticks away in the background. 

So you want to get in touch? YAY!

The best way to do this is by email or by using the form below. Email and that will wing it's way directly into my inbox. Messages are checked and answered regularly throughout the day, every day!

Want to call? That's ok, just keep in mind it might be noisy (thanks to said preschoolers) and I might be on the go/not at my laptop.

You can reach me on 03-669-5859. This will divert to my Canadian mobile (at no cost to you) and I'm available to answer calls NZ time Tues-Sat, 9am-2pm. 

Got a quick question? I would love if you could check out our FAQs first: See our FAQs


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Stacey Thompson
Owner @ Therm