6 Fun and Easy Outdoor Mothers Day Ideas for Kids

6 Fun and Easy Outdoor Mothers Day Ideas for Kids

Happy Mothers day to all you awesome, active, hard working Mums out there!

This post is written to all those crazy kids in the house. We all know that on Mothers Day what Mum really wants is a bit of peace and quiet and to know how much you love her. We have put together some ideas that are easy to do, don't cost a lot, and best of all make the most of the great outdoors! 

1. Make a Bouquet

Flowers are one of the most tried-and-true Mother’s Day gifts out there. How much more would it mean to your mum if she knew you made the arrangement yourself? Check out what's growing in the garden and around the house. It doesn't necessarily need to be flowers (and I'm sure Mum wouldn't appreciate you pulling all her flowers out either!). Look for lovely autumn reds and oranges to go with bunches of green leaves, herbs, and even weeds!

Homemade bouquet

2. Make a gorgeous Autumn card for Mum

This one you can find just outside in the garden too! Maybe find some more red leaves and glue them into heart shapes? 

Mothers day card

3. Clean Her Car

All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water, a garden hose, and a soft cloth. If you can get your dad or another family member in on the game, try to create a distraction while you do it in secret! Just remember to be extra careful not to scratch mum's paint job. 


4. Make Word Rocks with All The Reasons You Love Mum

Mothers day is the perfect day to let your Mum know how much she's loved. And this is a super fun way to do it! Find some rocks in the garden, and try some different coloured paint, or even glitter with glue. Then at the end perhaps give them to Mum in a nice basket or a box you have decorated. 

Word rocks

5. Help in the garden

Whether its washing the windows, cleaning out gutters, raking leaves, or pulling out weeds, there are likely a few things that you can do to make Mum’s life easier and let her put her feet up!

6. Have a Picnic

Have a look at the weather forecast first so Mum doesn't get rained on! Pack a basket with yummy food and head out to a green and grassy park. Don't forget a blanket to keep your food safe from dirt and bits of grass, and also for a great place for you and your mom to sit and talk or even snooze in the sun. 


Have a happy happy Mothers day, love from Therm xx


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Kids with nature

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