10 Fun Activities to do Outside during the School Holidays

10 Fun Activities to do Outside during the School Holidays

With school holidays fast approaching that means 3 things:

1. Even less free time

2. Even more mess

3. The all-familiar drone of ‘mum I’m boooored!’ (in spite of points 1 & 2!).

To help you battle through the next two weeks we have compiled a list of the favourite things we like to do – and most importantly – outside!

1. Go on a Nature Treasure hunt in your local park or back lawn. 

Nature hunt


2. Go on a BUG hunt! (Not for the squeamish or faint hearted!)

Bug Hunt

3. Musical Pots and Pans

This activity is so much more fun when it’s pouring down with rain. The rain tinkles on the metal and makes its own music. Try out different sounds with spoons and spatulas, adding to the chimes of the rain.

Pots and pans rain

4. Make a pile of leaves… and jump in them!

5. Make a mini sensory garden

Sensory garden  

6. Even better – make a sensory garden using items found on your nature treasure hunt!

7. Get Artsy

Possibilities include mud painting and making chalk drawings on the pavement. It’s also fun to create art with leaves, sticks and other natural items. If it’s wet, try rain art using paper plates, food coloring and rain droplets.

Leaf art

8. Go backyard camping
Pitch the tent for a few hours, and cosy up with a some books and a game of go-fish. (Ipads optional!)

9. Rock Monsters
Start off with a rock hunt – who can find the most unique rock? Gather together a collection and then go nuts with the paint. Why stop there – stick on some googly eyes to make some crazy rock characters!

Rock Monsters
10. Make a photo journal of your epic day!

Set a timer or alarm to go off at the same time each hour for a whole day. Every time the timer goes off, take a photo. 

At the end of the day you’ll have a selection of photos that represents you and your day. Print out the photos if you like and use them to inspire journal writing or a piece of art.


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