Celebrate Matariki with Kids: Our Top 5 Matariki Activities and Crafts for Families!

Celebrate Matariki with Kids: Our Top 5 Matariki Activities and Crafts for Families!

Matariki is a special time of year in New Zealand that celebrates the Maori New Year. It falls in the month of July, and it's a time to come together with family and friends to celebrate new beginnings, the harvest and remember loved ones who have passed away. If you're looking for ways to celebrate Matariki with your kids, here are our top 5 Matariki activities and crafts for families.

Create a Matariki Star Garland:

One of the most iconic symbols of Matariki is the Matariki star cluster, which is made up of seven stars. To make a Matariki star garland, cut out seven stars from cardboard or thick paper, and decorate them with glitter, paint, or markers. Then, string them together with ribbon or twine to create a beautiful garland to hang in your home.

Bake Matariki Cookies:

Baking is a fun and tasty way to celebrate Matariki with your kids. You can make star-shaped cookies and decorate them with icing or sprinkles. Another idea is to make "Pikopiko Pies," which are traditional Maori pies filled with fern shoots. You can find recipes online and make them with your kids.

Plant a Matariki Garden:

Matariki is a time to celebrate the harvest and new beginnings, so why not plant a Matariki garden with your kids? You can plant vegetables, fruits, or flowers that are in season during this time of year, such as kumara, pumpkin, or sunflowers. It's a great way to teach your kids about gardening and the importance of the harvest.

Make a Matariki Mobile:

A Matariki mobile is a fun and creative craft that your kids will love. Cut out different shapes from cardboard or paper, such as stars, moons, and suns, and decorate them with paint, markers, or glitter. Then, attach them to a piece of string or ribbon and hang them from a branch or stick to create a beautiful mobile.

Attend a Matariki Festival:

Many communities in New Zealand host Matariki festivals during the month of July, with events such as concerts, food stalls, and cultural performances. It's a great way to experience the spirit of Matariki with your kids and learn more about Maori culture. Matariki Festivals are commonly at night, so make sure you rug the little ones up in Therm for the occasion. A Hydracloud Puffer Jacket will be perfect, paired with our All-Weather Fleece gear. Don’t forget your 10K Packaway Rainshell Jacket for any unexpected showers!

In conclusion, celebrating Matariki with your kids can be a fun and meaningful experience. By engaging in activities and crafts that honor this special time of year, you can help your kids connect with Maori culture, learn about new beginnings and the harvest, and create lasting memories with family and friends. So, whether you choose to bake Matariki cookies, plant a Matariki garden, or attend a Matariki festival, make sure to embrace the spirit of the Maori New Year and celebrate with joy and gratitude.

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