Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a company, we understand our responsibility to reduce the effect that our product and operations have on the planet and our natural surroundings. 

We don't think it makes sense to build our business around encouraging kids to get out and enjoy nature, when behind the scenes we have been contributing to the worlds growing plastic problem, and damaging the very environment that we love so much.

2019 is an exciting year for Therm. We have tested, dissected, and inspected every part of our product life cycle, and we are starting over.  

1. Plastic waste. You know those mountains of discarded water bottles we see everywhere - on the news, all over facebook, the ones that have nowhere to go? Well, we are turning them into fabric and making them into garments. 

From March 2019, all of our All-Weather Hoodies will be made from 100% Recycled rPET Fabric. This is created when used plastic products (such as water bottles) are crushed and melted, and then spun into new fibres to make fabric.  

This process effectively reduces the amount of plastic waste in our environment and is much more energy efficient to produce than many types of materials - in fact it can take less energy to produce rPET fabric than wool.

So, what about all of our other designs? We are working on it. We have set a goal to use 100% Recycled rPET Fabric across all of our products by 2022. Every. Single. One. 

2. Single use plastic. Ugh. Did you know it is standard market practice to package each garment inside a protective plastic bag, to keep it clean and dry on it's journey from the manufacturer? Even the ones that end up in shops - usually they have all, at some stage, been packed inside a single use plastic bag, which is then discarded as soon as it reaches the store.

We refuse to do this any longer. 

From March 2019, all of our garments will be packaged in 100% Biodegradable and Compostable bioplastic bags, made from organic matter such as corn starch. 

Throw it in with your compost and food scraps at home, and it will break down within 90 days. Even if it does end up in the land fill, as it is made from plant based materials it will decompose just like any other organic matter. How cool is that!?

BIG thanks to our partners www.earthstarch.com

3. More Single Use Plastic. Double Ugh. So how about our courier bags? Until now, each jacket bought from us online has been packed inside a single use plastic bag, then put inside another single use plastic courier bag to get to you. Sounds a bit ridiculous doesn't it? 

The good news is that our company is still young and we are changing for the better RIGHT NOW. 

From March 2019, all of our courier bags will also be made from 100% Biodegradable and Compostable bioplastic, made from plant based materials. 

By implementing these 3 key practices, we are committed to changing the effect our company has on our planet, our children, and our future generations. We all need to do better, and as a company we are holding ourselves accountable.

Nature is our playground. Let's protect it. 


Stacey Thompson

Owner and Director @ Therm

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