Our slice of paradise - Bridal Veil Falls

Our slice of paradise - Bridal Veil Falls

Hi, I’m Sara and we are a farming family from Raglan. My two children are Olivia (6) and Leo (3 ½).

Farming kids

My mission for the school holidays was to get the kids out and about as much as possible, doing as many free activities as the weather allowed. Bridal Veil Falls is a native bush walk to a 55 metre waterfall, it is free and in our backyard so was a perfect way to start my mission.

Having done the walk before I was worried that the walk would be too hard for Leo who isn’t the hugest fan of walking. But he managed just fine, however even if you have younger children a walk to the top lookout only takes about 15 minutes (kids walking time) and is also wheelchair accessible.

On the walk, there is signs with information on our native flora and fauna which interested Olivia quite a lot however Leo was more interested in looking for “wild pigs he can go hunting for”. The favourite part though was the waterfall itself.

Leo struggled walking back to the top of the stairs after seeing the bottom of the falls, So I would suggest only going to the bottom with children who like to walk (unless you don’t mind carrying them back up). Olivia managed fine and was also carrying a bag with water bottles and a few snacks.

Once we arrived back to the top we sat in the picnic area and had some lunch however since the weather hadn’t been the greatest we didn’t stay there for too long, on a warm day having a picnic lunch would be excellent next to the stream. Leo wore his magic print jacket (he wears it everywhere!) and shorts and Olivia wore her all-weather hoodie and shorts. Both kids were warm and dry at the end despite having a few drizzles of rain throughout the day.

Olivia’s favourite part was seeing the waterfall from the bottom and the rainbows it made and being challenged to spot certain birds and trees. Leos favourite part was the waterfall and spotting “wild pigs” (imaginary ones ha-ha).

About Bridal Veil Falls: 

Located just outside of Raglan, Bridal Veil Falls is a plunge waterfall located along the Pakoka River in the Waikato area of New Zealand. The waterfall is 55 m high, and has over time caused the formation of a large pool at the base of the waterfall. An easy walk, expect about 15 minutes for one way (return the same way). 

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