5 Fun Snow Day Activities To Enjoy With The Kids This Winter!

5 Fun Snow Day Activities To Enjoy With The Kids This Winter!

It’s snowing throughout many parts of the country right now - and what better way to enjoy a cold Kiwi winter than outdoors with some snow activities with the kids! Kiwi kids love the snow, so why stay indoors? Therm believe nature is our playground - so rug up in Therm and head outside! With a range of products to keep the whole family toastie warm, even the summer lovers will enjoy braving the cold! 

Go Sledding or Tobogganing! 

Let's go sliding into the holidays! This will be an epic snow day that the kids won’t stop talking about! So grab and sled and head to a mountain near you! 

Make A Kiwi Snowman Or Snow Castle!  

For some kiwi kids (mainly in the North Island), getting out in the snow is a real treat and doesn’t happen too often. Building a snowman is a great activity that the whole family will want to get involved in. Even dress him up in a; it’s frosty out there!

Sandcastle? What about a SNOW castle! Get a beach bucket and fill it with snow, mark your perimeter and get building! This is a fun activity that will surely get that competitive streak out of the children. 

Skiing or Snowboarding 

Did you know that hitting the slopes is excellent for helping children to build their core and leg muscles? All while strengthening their joints. A day out skiing and snowboarding is super beneficial for your kids. It’s an excellent way to get off the couch and away from all devices. 

Or why not enrol them in a ski class? Most ski schools offer lessons beginning at age three, some even younger. This is the perfect way for them to pick up a new skill at a young age while making some new friends. All while you have some stress and child-free time up the top of the mountain for a couple of hours, now that’s what we call pure bliss! 

Need an outfit to hit the slopes? Get the Snowrider Ski Overalls for $59.99 (usually $89.99) with every Snowrider Ski jacket purchase. (Add the jacket to the cart first, then there will be an option to add $59.99 Ski Overall at checkout)

Host The Olympic Games! 

Obstacle courses, friends, prizes, and a jam-packed day of fun!  

Use the snow to create different-sized moulds that the kids can run and jump over, weave through, and run towards. Pair the kids up into teams and have a snowball fight; the options are endless - you can get as creative as you like with it. See who can make the most snowballs in 5 minutes. Who can create the most giant snowball or throw their snowball the furthest! 

The kids will need their Waterproof Snowrider Skii Overalls on for this, paired with an All-Weather Hoodie and a Snow Rider Ski Jacket

A Winter Treasure Hunt!

A snow day treasure/scavenger hunt is an excellent way for the little ones to put their thinking caps on. Create a list of items for the kids to find, and print it out for them; maybe laminate this to keep it free from getting wet in the cold. 

Items on the list could be a snowman, boot prints, a pinecone, a snow tree - whatever your heart desires! 

We hope you enjoyed reading our snow day activities and have some inspiration to get out in the snow with the family this winter. If you’re unsure what to dress the kids in, check out Therms Snowrider Snow Gear! Our waterproof, windproof, and fully insulated ski gear is built for the harshest winters and will keep your little ones as warm as possible! While looking like the coolest kid on the block! 


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