50 Ways to Play Outside - Autumn/Winter

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

Yep, it's Autumn. It's getting cold, the days are shorter, and it rains ALL.THE TIME. But that is no reason to stay inside and bounce off the walls! There is SO much to do outside at this time of year, and you know what, the rain can actually make things a whole lot cooler, and open up a whole lot of new possibilities for play.  Who knew you could make art in the rain!?

We have come up with a list of 50 Ways to Play Outside - our special edition for Autumn, Winter, and rainy days. All ideas are either free, or cheap! And most are easy to do around the home, but feel free to get down to your local park or enjoy some new surroundings! 

Hopefully these ideas will be enough to keep your gang busy, get you through this last week, and spark some new reasons to get outdoors. Then print it out and keep it on the fridge for the next rainy day.

Scroll down for the full list with links included! 


50 ways to play outside in Fall Autumn Winter Rain


  1. Catch raindrops on your tongue
  2. Make rainbow art in the rain
  3. Take pictures of nature
  4. Jump in leaves
  5. Look for worms in the mud and make a worm farm
  6. Pick up rubbish
  7. Make leaf prints with autumn leaves
  8. Play eye spy in nature
  9. Make a terranium
  10. Make stick boats and have a race
  11. Play hide and seek
  12. Make pine cone owls
  13. Make bark and leaf rubbings
  14. Make leaf butterflies
  15. Jump in puddles
  16. Take a walk in nature
  17. Make a bird feeder
  18. Look for and identify the deciduous trees in your neighbourhood
  19. Make mud pies
  20. Go geocaching
  21. Look for bugs and make a journal
  22. Build a dam
  23. Make a rain gauge and measure the rain
  24. Make rain music with pots and pans
  25. Paint with mud
  26. Plant a winter vege garden
  27. Colour puddles with chalk
  28. Roll down a muddy hill
  29. Make and decorate mud pies
  30. Be helpful
  31. Ride a bike through puddles
  32. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  33. Make a leaf maze
  34. Draw something from nature
  35. Make a mud pie target
  36. Jump in the mud
  37. Make a nature sensory bin
  38. Look at the stars and spot the constellations
  39. Make pine cone barometers
  40. Toast marshmallows
  41. Look for acorns and conkers
  42. Fly a kite on a windy day
  43. Go for a bushwalk and take a thermos of hot milo
  44. Walk on the beach on a stormy day
  45. Catch falling leaves (harder than it sounds!)
  46. Find 10 different coloured leaves
  47. Look for mushrooms and toadstools
  48. Make an Autumn fairy garden
  49. Jump in bubbles on a wet trampoline
  50. Race toy boats in puddles


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