8 Awesome Autumn Crafts for Kids

8 Awesome Autumn Crafts for Kids

Looking for some great Autumn crafts to welcome in the cooler weather? These DIY crafts are simple, fun and easy to do at home. 

Here are a few ideas to have some fun and get creative in this changing season!

1. Pine Cone Owls

These adorable pine cone owls are a fun autumn craft for kids of any age. You can combine this craft with a nature walk to find the pine cones, acorn cups and leaves used in the activity. Even better - make a pine cone Kiwi!

Pine Cone Owl


2. Make a Leaf Banner Decoration

This picture shows paper leaves, but we think it would be even better with real ones! See what different shapes you can find, and paint them lovely bright colours. Attach together with a string to make a wall decoration for your bedroom. 

Leaf Banner

3. Leaf Lanterns

Leaf Lanterns

This one is better for the older kids, as we usually use real tea light candles. Or you could buy the battery powered ones from the 2 dollar store or similar. Either way it makes a great effect!

First of all collect lots of cool coloured leaves, and of different shapes. Cut a milk bottle in half (the transparent ones are best). Then lay out your leaves on a sheet of clear duraseal so they stick, and then gently stick the sheet of sticky leaves on the outside of the milk bottle. Then add a candle/light and viola! So pretty!

Leaf lanterns sheet


4. Leaf Prints

Paint the leaves - watercolours seem to work best. Experiment with lots of different colours! Then press the leaves paint-side down. Roll with a rolling pin. You can also just press down but this is more effective and more fun!

Leaf Prints

5. Salt Dough Leaf Impressions

Make some salt dough leaf print models and colour them to add an extra stage to the creative process! To make the salt dough: 

Make some salt dough (try this recipe http://www.busybeekidscrafts.com/Salt-Dough-Recipe.html) , knead it until it is smooth and roll it out until it is about 1cm thick. Then they choose their favourite leaves and gently push them one at a time into the dough.

The veins and stems should leave a good impression in the dough. Then bake them at 120 degrees for about 2 hours, and they can finish them by colouring in the leaf impressions with coloured pencils or paint. 

Salt dough leaves


6. Leaf Rubbings

This is a fun and easy project you can do with your kids no matter what their age. Put a leaf under your paper with the right side up, lay your crayon sideways on the paper, and rub until your leaf starts coming through. Voila! Instant leaf pictures!

Leaf Rubbings


7. Make Leaf Animals

Gather up lots of leaves of different sizes, larger leaves can be used for the body and smaller ones make great ears. You can use small sticks for legs or narrow leaves. Stick them to a piece of paper to make an animal shape, and even try adding googly eyes for a little bit more fun!

Leaf Animals


8. Make Leaf Butterfies

On a similar line to leaf animals but with a bit more of a twist!  A hot glue gun will hold all of the pieces together. Twist pipe cleaners to make the bodies, and add some leaves for the wings. Add wiggly eyes and pom-pom balls for decoration and they will look just like real butterflies when you are finished!

Leaf Butterfly




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