Our Top 10 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Our Top 10 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities For Kids


We don’t let the rain stop us from getting outside here at Therm. We’ve got you covered! Here are some rainy day activities to inspire you and the kiddies to get outside.


  1. Sing & Dance in the rain!

    Put your kid’s rain jacket on and have a dance party in the rain! Trust us, you’ll still stay dry as can be. How about singing a rain theme song? Like “I’m singing in the rain!” If you’ve got a waterproof wireless speaker, even better. Put your favourite karaoke tune on and sing along while you watch your Therm SplashMagic Jacket pattern appear from the wet!

  2. Play with water toys in the rain

    Put some merino layers under your highest rating waterproof jacket on and play in the rain. What a better way to play outside than with your water or bath toys! Even better, get amongst the mud puddles!

  3. Go puddle jumping

    Our favourite classic rainy day activity to help burn that extra energy! Jumping in and OVER puddles is super fun. Our kid’s waterproof pants at Therm are perfect for splashing around in. Why not make a game out of it? Whoever jumps over the most puddles wins!
  1. Race a boat

    Have a boat you can race? Or even better, let’s make one! Get the kid’s jackets on, get outside and gather some sticks and leaves - then get crafty with some DIY! Let’s see who’s boat is faster! Race across the big puddles or over at the local river!
  1. Dig for buried treasure!

    The excitement of this will have the kids on cloud nine. Get the shovel out, it’s time to dig to China! Maybe we will find some buried treasure along the way (maybe mums hid some extra cool treasure for us… *hint hint*)
  1. Go on a rainy day nature hunt

    Get out in the forest and breathe in that extra fresh air. See what cool things you can find in the forest! The greens are so much more vibrant on a rainy day!

  1. Chase rainbows

    Name a better time to search for a rainbow! Look up in the sky after that sun shower for a rainbow and suit up for an adventure. Let’s find that pot of gold!

  2. Act like animals

    Can you think of your favourite animal that lives in the wild? Get out in the paddock or the forest and act like an animal! Who knows, you might even get to attract them to you!

  3. Play games.

    Play games like leapfrog or stuck in the mud, if there’s hail or snow make a snow angel!
  1. Go for a wet walk in the bush. 

    The bush changes when it rains, the greens are more vibrant and everything looks so much prettier. Get your SpashPants and your gumboots on, it’s time for an adventure!


We hope you liked these rainy day activities to have fun with the whole family! No matter the weather, there’s always an adventure to plan when you’re wearing Therm.

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