7 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy this Spring!

7 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy this Spring!
Therm NZ

It’s finally springtime! The weather’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer. What better way to bond with the family than to get outside in the fresh air together? Do you need some activities to get the kids off the screens and into nature this Spring? Not to worry because Therm’s got you covered. Here are 7 fun outdoor activities for the kids to enjoy. 

1. Head to the beach for a walk

It’s been what feels like a very long winter here in New Zealand. We’ve been missing the beach for what feels like a very long time! Head out on a sunny day with the whole family. As we transition from winter to spring it can still be chilly out there! Therm’s All-Weather Hoodie is a fantastic option that will take you through the seasons. Take a ball to throw around and maybe even bring some gumboots! 


2. Go fishing 

There’s nothing better than fishing in beautiful New Zealand. No matter where you are if there’s a beach near you; get out there and make a day of it. The kids will love exploring and will get a real sense of achievement when they get their first catch! The Waterproof Pants & Overalls can be tucked into gum boots and will ensure that little legs and toes are kept warm and dry. 


3. Host an outdoor BBQ! 

Invite your friends and family and get all the kids together for a kiwi BBQ. Enjoy sitting outside while the kids play games together like cricket, soccer and hopscotch. 


4. Go camping

Camping in springtime is the best. It’s nice to get out exploring and take in all the sights that we’ve been missing. Labour weekend is just around the corner so it’s a great time to do it! For occasional winds and showers, the 10K Packaway Rainshell Jacket is a nice lightweight option that won’t take up too much bag space.


5. Plant a vegetable garden!

Spring is the perfect time for planting vegetables. Some popular vegetables that are great for planting in springtime include beans, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, celery, lettuce, peas, potatoes, spinach, and spring onions. Children are curious about nature and will enjoy digging in the dirt! They’ll also be very excited as the garden begins to grow.

6. Host a flower bouquet-making competition with springtime flowers

Springtime flowers are just delightful.  Daffodils, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas and violets are just some of the gorgeous flowers that flourish in spring. The children will love pairing all of the vibrant colours together. If you don’t have any springtime flowers? Reach for whatever is around you, or even attempt to create a paper bouquet!

7. Host a garden tea party

Children love tea parties! They are so much fun because you can choose a theme and encourage creative play. You can dress the table with loads of colours, streamers and balloons. Serve yummy finger foods like little cupcakes, sandwiches and fruits. With ‘pretend’ tea of your choice. Hold traditional relays like the “watering-can relay” and race to fill the watering can from your bucket! With spot prizes to win the kids will get so excited!


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