Garment Quality and Care

We are proud to say all of our garments are waterproof tested, and machine washable! Here is a little bit of information to show how we make them and the best way to care for your Therm garment. 

Waterproof Fabric

We waterproof our fabric in 2 ways:

1. DWR (That means Durable Water Repellant) Teflon finish is applied to the face side of the fabric which will cause the water to bead and not soak into the fabric. 

This finish is machine washable and LOVES the dryer! In fact your garment will be best if you pop it in the dryer for 10 minutes even after line drying - it will reset the DWR finish to help the water bead. Don't ask us how, but it works!

2. A thicker, less permeable waterproof coating is applied to the back of the fabric. (You can see this white coating on the back). This provides a barrier to stop the water getting through the fabric, even after it has penetrated the outer coating. 

How are the waterproof ratings determined?
The waterproof ratings are determined through a 'hydrostatic head' test. This is performed in a lab, where a column of water is placed on the fabric sample, and is filled slowly until the material leaks, and the water comes through the other side. 
A Hydrostatic head rating of 3000mm means that the column of water was 3 metres (3000mm) tall before any water passed through the fabric. 
A rating over 1,000mm is considered waterproof, rather than water-resistant.
Take a look at this video to see a hydrostatic head test in action!
Why do some of your jackets have higher waterproof ratings but others are better for longer/heavier rain?
Lots of factors can affect how a jacket performs in real weather. Seam construction, various linings etc, all make a difference. We have performed real tests in real weather to give you the best idea of the weather and length of time each jacket performs the best in. 
Are your jackets breathable?
The technical fabrics we use are highly waterproof and windproof, but with general low breathability. In order to achieve all 3 of these factors, we would need to incorporate much more expensive membranes into the fabrics, which would considerably increase the price. We choose to add soft linings which feel nice against the skin, and help in wicking body moisture away and decreasing any 'sweaty' feeling.
Best Care for your Therm Garment:

We recommend spot cleaning where possible to remove stains. When the garment needs a wash, throw it in the machine (ok to wash with other garments of similar colour) and wash on delicate cycle, then line dry. Once it is dry, pop it in the dryer for 10-20 mins (hot is ok!) to reset the DWR finish.

With correct care, your garment should last many washes! This shows our magic print jacket after 8 (and counting!) washes. 

Magic Waterproof  

Garment Durability:

We know 'fragile' stickers do not apply to children. We build our garments to last!

Our seams are reinforced with added top stitching, cover stitching, and bartacks at the pockets and thumbholes to prevent tears. We use heavy duty thread to ensure no seam popping. We also use trusted top quality YCC zippers to prevent against breaking, plus they are smooth and easy to use for little hands. 

If you do encounter any issues with your Therm garment, please let us know. We take all feedback very seriously, and love to hear from you - good or bad!